The Earth's Furies: COLLECTION
The Earth's Furies: COLLECTION
The Earth's Furies: COLLECTION
The Earth's Furies: COLLECTION
The Earth's Furies: COLLECTION
The Earth's Furies: COLLECTION
The Earth's Furies: COLLECTION
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The Earth's Furies: COLLECTION

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BUY THE COLLECTION, SAVE 20% OFF INDIVIDUAL EPISODES. The collection contains 6 separate DVDs with SDH subtitles. 52 minutes each
DVD: Colleges/Universities $720
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DVD: K-12 Schools  $450
DVD: Public Libraries (Circulation Only) $230 

THE EARTH'S FURIESRaging megafires that burn for months. Super eruptions with the potential of a Hiroshima bomb exploding every two or three minutes. Asteroid strikes so violent they wiped out entire species. Devastating tsunamis, tornadoes and earthquakes….

This six-part series explores the science behind natural disasters in search of a deeper understanding. Through animated graphics, interviews with scientists and eyewitnesses, and stunning images, it brings these spectacularly destructive forces of nature to life.

AVALANCHES: Anywhere on the planet where there is snow, no mountain is spared. Depending on the type of snow, the weather and the slope, an avalanche can reach incredible speeds: more than 300km per hour. A small avalanche can exert the same amount of pressure as a cyclone. Researchers and security experts have set up techniques to detect dangerous areas and limit their impact.

EARTHQUAKES: With teams of experts tracking them all over the world, earthquakes are one of the most heavily-monitored natural phenomenons. Despite this, in places such as Haiti, Nepal and Italy, they continue to be devastating and deadly. But what causes this destructive force of nature and can we minimize destruction?

LIGHTNING: With new scientific knowledge, we know how electrical charges inside clouds are created, and new technology can monitor lightning moving through the sky. However, it can hit anything, anywhere, at any time…and it cannot be stopped. Nowhere is unaffected by this devastating and frightening natural phenomenon.

MEGA FIRES: Devastating forest fires rage across California, and enormous fires reach the doors of major European cities... But these gargantuan fires are often impossible to stop without rainfall. With every new dry season, these fires devour the world's forests and increasingly threaten human lives and homes.

TORNADOES: The U.S. is affected by 1,200 tornadoes every year and this phenomenon is growing all over the world. With wind speeds inside their vortex reaching up to 500 km per hour and traveling at the speed of a high-speed train, tornadoes are capable of destroying everything in their path. But how do they start? How can we predict them and minimize their destruction? Is global warming responsible for their increasing frequency?

VOLCANOES: Iceland, Indonesia, South America, the Reunion Island... The threat of volcanic eruptions never ceases to hound those who have chosen to live at the feet of volcanos on continents the world over.


2017 | 52 mins each  | SDH Subtitles