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Yes, please visit Green Planet Stream, where you can stream and even download certain films.

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Yes we do! You can find most of our titles on Kanopy, Hoopla and Overdrive.


Yes of course! Just contact us throughh the contact page and we can arrange with you what you need. Besides the film, we also have a caption file, thumbnails and in some cases posters.

How many times have you seen the phrase "For Home Use Only" on a DVD and wondered if it was really OK to show the program to students in a classroom or a library setting? While there has been a lot of confusion in this area, the U.S. copyright laws are quite clear in offering guidance on this question. The question can easily be answered by examining the context in which the film is being shown.

There are four main criteria that must be met before an educator should feel comfortable in showing a videotape or DVD in their classroom. The Copyright Act states that the performance of an audio-visual work “by instructors or pupils” in the course of “face-to-face teaching activities” of a “non-profit educational institution” in a “classroom or similar place devoted to instruction” is exempt from the copyright holder's exclusive right to perform an audio-visual work.

1) The term "instructors" is defined as the designated teacher of a class and may also include a guest lecturer or substitute teacher. "Pupils" are members of the enrolled class.

2) A performance is only exempt if it occurs during "face-to-face" teaching activities. 

3) According to Section 110(1), only performances by nonprofit educational institutions may take advantage of the classroom exemption. 

4) The House Report also explains that a performance is exempt only if it takes place in a “classroom or similar place devoted to instruction” in which the audience members are of a particular class. 

There is no short answer for licensing, it depends on the type of usage you intend to use the film for.


- licensing a streaming file for academic use for a set period of time, or into perpetuity

- licensing a film for a public performance, ticketed or non-ticketed

- licensing for broadcast

- licensing for *captive audiences*

and more.

The best thing to do is call is at 415-377-5471 or email and tell us about the film you are interested ini and and your intended usage, then we can answer accordingly.


Yes. Please note: next day shipping/arrival is not guaranteed. Orders will usually be shipped within three business days if DVD is in stock. If you would like for your order to be shipped Priority Express, you must email first to see if that would be possible and make sure the DVD is in stock.

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