Many Happy Returns

Many Happy Returns is a feature length documentary still in progress in 2022. The film follows recycler, writer and passionate environmentalist Jay Lustgarten. Lustgarten's unique history and current way of living challenge viewers preconceived notions about who bottle and can collectors are and why they collect bottles and cans. 

Driven by a determined sense of personal and environmental justice, Lustgarten reclaims resources from the never-ending stream of waste. A writer and frequently contributor to the opinion pages of local newspapers, he often finds his letters in print while out collecting cans and bottles. He also finds new friends and unique community connection by diving into wastebaskets, recycling containers, dumpsters and the heart of coastal Connecticut. His surprising ability to teach front line environmental action compounded by his unique and gentle disruption of stereotypes makes him irresistible. 

Director & Producer Chris KeppleWriter & Recycler Jay Lustgarten

Chris Kepple                                       Jay Lustgarten

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      Chris Kepple is a filmmaker based in Pawcatuck, CT. 

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