How to Order

Orders are usually shipped in one to five business days.

Order Online
The online purchase process can be initiated by browsing the categories or using the search tool. Then select from a dropdown list of pricing options, and add your selection to the cart.

how to order screenshot

Upon selecting a film(s), click the ‘proceed to checkout’ button, the system will prompt for selection of shipping preferences and credit card detail. Green Planet Films accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover, We also accept payments through Amazon Pay. Once you have reviewed your order, click ‘confirm,’ and your order will be complete. Please call 415.377.5471 (EST) if you may require assistance placing your online order.

Order by Phone
Individuals or organizations wishing to place an order by telephone, please call 415 377 5471 (EST).

Purchase Orders by Mail
To order DVDs by mailing a Purchase Order, please post your order detailing the DVD title(s) and price to the following address:
Green Planet Films
PO Box 815
Stonington CT 06378

Purchase Orders by E-mail
You may e-mail your order to Please include the title of the DVD(s), your name, organization, company or institution, address, telephone number and whether you wish to pay by check (and we will send an invoice with the shipment), or pay by credit card.

Individuals can order DVDs by email if payment will be by credit card. Applicable shipping charges and taxes (in Connecticut only) will be added to your invoice.

USA: First Class shipping and handling for ONE DVD in the USA and is $5.03. Priority Mail is $8.75 (up to 4 DVDs). Express is ~$22.
International: Shipping first class internationally is in the $14-$17 range. Shipping for up to 4 DVDs internationally is ~$25 flat rate by Priority Mail (up to 4 single DVD cases fit in one envelop for the same flat rate price). Priority Express Mail is ~$43 (shipped through the United States Post Office).

Return Policy
All purchases are final, except in the case of damaged disks, which we will happily replace upon receipt of the damaged disk.