Yamila Ramos-Veloz bio and art

yamila design

Yamila Ramos-Veloz is the winner of the $500 cash prize for our design contest called CONNECTING WATERBURY TO THE SEA. Her colorful illustration was a stand-out for our Green Planet Films Presenta the International Ocean Film Festival theme.



About The Artist

Hey thanks for taking the time to read my bio! :)   My name is Yamila, or Yami for short, and I’m a 17 year-old artist with a passion to become a character designer. Ever since I was little, I loved to draw. Every time I went to the dollar store, I would always ask my mom to buy me markers to draw with. They were not the best but to me seeing the colors was all I cared about, but I never would have thought of becoming an artist and wanting to pursue it as a career.

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By middle school I wanted to become an animator, but it changed to a character designer since I loved coming up with characters and giving them stories. I started traditional and I worked my way up to digital and I love digital art! After high school, my goal is to attend art school and become a character designer for an animation company like Pixar, Disney, or other well-known companies. I want to start an art business and sell merchandise of my characters and become a comic artist.

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