OUT in the Line-Up
OUT in the Line-Up
OUT in the Line-Up
OUT in the Line-Up
OUT in the Line-Up
OUT in the Line-Up
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OUT in the Line-Up

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OUT in the line-up an award winning documentary that uncovers the taboo of homosexuality in Surfing. OUT in the Line-up tells the compelling story of the founder of gaysurfers.net as he teams up with a former Australian state champion to travel around the world surfing and exploring the cover-up of homosexuality in surf culture. Full of interviews with well-known pro surfers who have come out of the closet and comments from many other pros, industry professionals and everyday surfers, it includes great locations, fun waves, and a story that will change your views of the industry and your local lineup.

OUT in the Line-up sold out at the Newport Beach Film Festival, the San Diego Surf Film Festival, and the San Francisco International LGBT Frameline Film Festival

Producer: Thomas Castets
Co-Producer: James Cogswell
Associate Producers: Don Reddin, Ian Thomson
Editor: Campbell Wilson
Music: Glen Walsh, Cinematic Orchestra, Alekesam, Ian Masterson,
Current Swell, Charles Webster
Cast: David Wakefield, Thomas Castets, Cori Schumacher, Robbins Thomson, Barton Lynch, Keala Kennelly, Barney Frank
Running Time: 70 Minutes
Country of Production: Australia
Year of Completion: 2014
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Sound Specification: Dolby Digital

RUN TIME: 69 minutes with Subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German.

BEST DOCUMENTARY award at the Sydney Surf Film Festival (Jan 2015)
AUDIENCE AWARD FOR BEST DOCUMENTARY at the Sydney Mardi Gras Film Festival (Feb 2014)
BEST SURF FILM AWARD at the Byron Bay International Film Festival (Feb 2014)
BEST ACTION SPORTS FILM AWARD at the Newport Beach Film Festival (March 2014)
AUDIENCE AWARD FOR BEST FILM at the San Diego Surf Film Festival (March 2014)