Ocean Cities
Ocean Cities
Ocean Cities
Ocean Cities
Ocean Cities
Ocean Cities
Ocean Cities
Ocean Cities
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Ocean Cities

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In this era of climate change and sea level rise – How can coastal cities around the world innovate and connect to the oceans they border? Join Professor Timothy Beatley as he explores urban projects around the world representing the new green movement that hopes to move beyond our urban environments to a regenerative way of living. Filmed in New York, Miami, San Francisco, Monterey, Vancouver Baltimore Amsterdam and Rotterdam

by Chuck Davis and Professor Tim Beatley

56 minutes | 2018 | SDH Subtitles

Ocean Cities features Professor Tim Beatley and includes interviews with:

Jay NIchols - Author “Blue Mind”

Chris Hoellen - Chief Conservation Officer National Aquarium Baltimore

Molly Gallant - Baltimore Outdoor Recreation Planner

Anthony Pigatt - kayaker

Leanna Wetmore - Healthy Harbor Initiative

Adam Lindquist - Director Healthy Harbor Initiative

Julien Zaragosa - Science Education Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center

Theodora Long - Director Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center

Carrie Chen - Director of Education and conservation - Aquarium On The Bay

Bob Partrite - CEO Simco Restaurants

Alan Lovewell - Owner of Real Good Fish

Daniel Pauly - Professor Fisheries University of British Columbia

Alexander Rosen - Executive Director The Long Now

Calder Deyerle - Monterey Fisherman

Jason Scorse - Director Blue Economy Middleberry Institute

Boris Cabrera - Waiter Barcelona Restaurant

Hal Wanless - Chair Geological Sciences University of Miami

Margarita Wells - Environmental Resources Manager Miami

James Cason - Mayor coral Gables Florida

Kate Orff - Founder of Scape

Tyiara Flood - New York Harbor School

Treniel Jeper - New York Harbor School

Peter Malinowski - Billion Oyster Project

Roland Lewis - President & CEO - Waterfront Alliance

Ahmed Aboutaleb - Mayor City of Rotterdam

Arno Minderhoud - Manager “Drijvend Paviljoen

Arnoud Molenaar - Chief Resilience Officer Rotterdam

Dirk van Peijpe - Landscapr Architect De Urbanism

Ton van Namen - Designer floating houses Monteflore B.V.