MAMA EARTH: Eco Econ 101
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MAMA EARTH: Eco Econ 101

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Ecological economists, whose work is making a positive impact on the planet, illustrate their models to ease many environmental problems. Concepts of Sustainability, Ecological Economics, and Natural Capital are defined by their case and we are introduced to concepts us that make these results achievable. The viewer is directed to real life examples of the technologies that are not only being currently used, but used to create a business advantage to the companies who embrace them. MAMA EARTH dispels the myth that being eco-friendly is merely an altruistic endeavor. We are introduced to an array of new concepts of how our world is reevaluating and reshaping their businesses to not only positively impact the environment, but their bottom line.

We hear from experts with proven, cost effective techniques for using fewer resources, using resources more effectively without creating harmful byproducts, and still making a profit. We set out to make a case that by protecting the earth’s good and services, we are in fact, creating a more valuable world. We can make the EARTH work for us by keeping healthy the waterways, air and natural capital; trees, fish soil.

We take a couple of side trips to businesses where they have closed the loop on their production cycle, integrating their byproducts back into a production process and creating little waste as well as giving back to the community, a large part of sustainability.

Dr. Michael Braungart, co-author of Cradle-to- Cradle suggests the concept of redesigning everything to become a technical nutrient or a biological nutrient, so that we take waste of one product and cycles it back into making another.

We hear from economists who espouse a need to alter current economic models to encompass and put a hard currency value on the virgin resources, considered “Natural Capital”, being harvested from the earth, and impose a value on the burden of squandering these resources in the forms of waste, byproduct and pollution.

MAMA EARTH closes with an impassioned argument to help restore her to her natural splendor – be a part of the solution and to make a difference by ensuring her health and well being.

This film is entertaining and, at the same, very informative.

PBS – “Natural Heroes” Dec. 07

Best Sustainability Film – Pine Film Festival
Calypso Award – Moondance Film Festival
Aurora Platinum Award – Environmental Protection
Aurora Gold Award – Use of Music
Officially selected as finalist at the following film festivals:
Eugene Film Festival, Malibu Celebration of Film, Global Peace Film Festival, Big Muddy Film Festival, Hazel Wolf Film Festival, Boulder Environmental Film Festival, ChasDOC Film Festival, Santa Cruz International Film Festival, Pine Film Festival, Moondance International Film Festival.

Executive Producers – Leslie Bloom & Brad Van Ee
Directed by – Leslie Bloom
Written by – Brad Overall
Director of Photography – David Pickar

Running Time: 23:30 minutes
Date: 2007

Another gloom and doom film? No! Quite the contrary, this film revels in innovation, invention and creativity. An inspiring road map of successful ways to achieve sustainability through reinventing old business methods and finding new paths to healthy communities, protecting natural resources and attaining a more profitable bottom line. - Anonymous Viewer