Losing the West
Losing the West
Losing the West
Losing the West
Losing the West
Losing the West
Losing the West
Losing the West
Losing the West
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Losing the West

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LOSING THE WEST is the story of the original small business, farming and ranching, as told through the eyes of a very “leathered” Native American cowboy. Howard Linscott IS the original Marlborough Man, a gruff chain-smoking 70 year old who's been ranching his whole life. The film explores the issues of land use, gentrification, water scarcity, and change in the West. Through Howard Linscott’s prism, we experience the unintended consequences of short term decision-making on our landscape and our rural and urban economies.

Interviews include Senator Michael Bennet (D- Colorado), Dr. Patricia Limerick, Chairman of the Center for The American West, Andy Lipkis, Drought Expert and Founder of Tree People, a pre-eminent CA environmental non-profit, members of the Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts, Jim Wooster, President of the American. Cattleman's Association and the friends and family of Howard Linscott.

With farm and ranch land dwindling due to population growth and economic pressure, many have made the hard choice to sell their farms. As the U.S. population expands, who will raise our crops and livestock? How can we preserve the precious natural resources we need to sustain life? LOSING THE WEST offers a balanced approach to conservation that can result in the protection of our natural resources, cultural heritage and way of life for generations to come.


Howard Linscott - Colorado Cowboy
Michael Bennet - U. S. Senator (D-CO)
Patricia N. Limerick - Faculty Director – Chair of the Board – Center of the American West
Ellen Roberts - State Senator (R-CO)
Andy Lipkis - Founder and President – TreePeople
David Pimentel - Professor Emeritus – Cornell University
Jon Wooster - President – US Cattlemen’s Association
Greg Clifton - Town Manager – Telluride, CO
Jules Dervaes - Founder Urban Homestead
Greg Yankee - Policy Director – Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts
Eric Glenn - Deputy Director – Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust

Produced and Directed by Alex Warren
2013 | 90 mins | SDH Subtitles