Little Miss Dewie: a DUCKumentary
Little Miss Dewie: a DUCKumentary
Little Miss Dewie: a DUCKumentary
Little Miss Dewie: a DUCKumentary
Little Miss Dewie: a DUCKumentary
Green Planet Films

Little Miss Dewie: a DUCKumentary

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A workaholic animal welfare writer. 

A city apartment.

A quest to find the perfect duck home.

A true story of city wildlife.

Little Miss Dewie: a DUCKumentary is a documented story of compassion and humanity caught in action. What started out as a few hours of time to help an orphaned duck led to a journey to find the right home for a helpless animal. Sacrificing the comforts of her home,work schedule, and even facing eviction from her apartment Mira Tweti was able to make a difference in one animals life. This funny, heartwarming, and true inter-species love story that also examines important animal welfare issues.

Award-winning animal welfare journalist, and Buddhist nun, Mira Tweti, found an orphaned duckling at a local lagoon in Los Angeles, CA, and took her home. A parrot expert, Tweti (prounounced: Tweety, and it is her given name), planned to give the little duck she called Dewie, to a rescue. Through a series of unexpected situations, Dewie lived in Tweti’s apartment for more than two months while the latter searched for a perfect duck home. Along the way the Playboy Mansion and the Bel Air Country club agreed to take her. But in the end, Dewie went to live with a couple and their duck, Flipper.

Written, Produced, and Directed by Mira Tweti
JP Sarro - Camera and Editor
Toi Juan Shannon - Editor
Frederick Weidman - Original Score KUSF-FM - San Francisco
Edward Good - Graphic Design/Webmaster

Many thanks to the Playboy Mansion for allowing us to film on site.

DVD 2009 | 30 mins

Transcript available (English)

Asheville International Film Festival (North Carolina)
Connecticut Film Festival 2008-09
Anchorage Film Festival
Blue Planet Film Fest
Other Venice Film Festival (Los Angeles)
Vine Shorts Film Festival (Santa Monica)
International Film Festival Australia
International Film Festival Egypt
Phoenix Film Festival
Sedona Film Festival
Swansea Bay Film Festival (Wales)
International Film Festival Goa (India)
Heart of England Film Festival
International Film Festival Phuket (Thailand)
International Film Festival South Africa

(and 11 more)

Accolade Award
Moving Pictures Short Film Contest


"To know Little Miss Dewie is to love her."

"(Dewie) communicates effectively to Ms Tweti, and charms us along the way."

“Little Miss Dewie” will resonate with anyone who has had a close connection with an animal."

"Ms Tweti’s wry humor and reactions to having to deal in worms - adds levity to the serious advocacy issues. The deceiving simplicity of the film surprises with a big impact that lingers. When I watched “Little Miss Dewie” with my sister Elin, she said quietly, “I’ll never eat duck again.” That’s the effect that Dewie has. There is a warm and fuzzy ending that involves the perfect duck home, duck romance, and (Dewie's favorite snack), worms."