GARBAGE! The Revolution Starts at Home
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GARBAGE! The Revolution Starts at Home

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With his first son just born, filmmaker Andrew Nisker is very concerned with the state of our planet. As the average household level of consumption rises, so does the astronomical amount of waste we collectively create. Are we turning the earth into one giant garbage can? Determined to understand the damage we are doing, Nisker enlists the average urban family, the McDonalds, to keep every scrap of garbage that they produce for three months in their increasingly smelly garage. From organic waste to dirty diapers, from plastic bottles to Christmas wrapping, the McDonald's discover that for every action there is a reaction that affects them and the entire planet.

Topics covered: recycling, composting, landfills, home energy usage, coal mining, stormwater runoff, water quality, packaging, household cleaning products.

Run time: 76 min. | Canada | Language: English
Director: Andrew Nisker
Executive Producers: Andrew Nisker, Navin Khanna, Yvonne Welbon
Producers: Alison Duke, Len Pearl
Composers: Craig Simmons, Holy F**k
Editors: Andrew Nisker, Amy Cargill

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