BAOBABS Between Land and Sea
BAOBABS Between Land and Sea
BAOBABS Between Land and Sea
BAOBABS Between Land and Sea
BAOBABS Between Land and Sea
BAOBABS Between Land and Sea
BAOBABS Between Land and Sea
BAOBABS Between Land and Sea
BAOBABS Between Land and Sea
BAOBABS Between Land and Sea
BAOBABS Between Land and Sea
BAOBABS Between Land and Sea
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BAOBABS Between Land and Sea

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By their sheer size and original shapes, baobabs are among the most remarkable trees on the planet. Relatively unknown in Madagascar, the giants are currently threatened by deforestation. To study them, in the heart of their forests, the French biologist Cyrille Cornu travel by pirogue with his colleague Wilfried Ramahafaly, exploring 400 km of wild and isolated coastline in the southwest of Madagascar.

The film chronicles the expedition. It reveals discoveries, encounters, scientific results of the two explorers, baobabs and landscapes that had mostly never been filmed or even photographed. The narrative is based on a strong ecological and scientific message related to deforestation and disappearance of baobabs to aware the audience on urgency to save the giants and environment of Malagasy people. The desire to share an adventure is at the heart of approach of filming, showing travels through the nature and the encounters with the people living in wild regions. Content and form are changing to the rhythm of different discoveries, a desire to place the viewer at the very heart of the voyage.

Written & directed by Cyrille Cornu
Produced by: Lokobe Production
With the voice of Thüryn Mitchell
Music: D'Gary

2015 | 56 minutes | Closed Captioned

Available languages: English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Albanian



RVA Environmental Film Festival, USA, 2015
Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, USA, 2015
Awareness Film Festival, USA, 2015 (Award of Merit)
ITSA Back to Nature Film Festival, USA, 2016 (Best Feature)
FINCA - International Environmental Film Festival, Argentina, 2016
Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital, USA, 2016
Chagrin Documentary Film Festival, USA, 2016
Festival Cinécolo, Haiti, 2017

CMS Vatavaran, India, 2015
Tinai Eco Film Festival, India, 2015
Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival, Malaysia, 2015
Kolkata Wildlife Film Festival, India, 2015 (Best Director)
Kirloskar Vasundhara International Film Festival, India, 2016
Iran International Green Film Festival, Iran, 2016

Masuku Film Festival, Gabon, 2015
The Cape Town Eco Film Festival, South Africa, 2016
Festival International du Film Environnemental de Conakry, Guinea, 2016
Science Film Festival Goethe Institut, Burkina Faso, 2016

Tassie eco Film Fest, Australia, 2015 (Honorable Mention)

International Nature Film Festival Gödöllö, Hungary, 2015
Wolves Independent International Film Festival, Lithuania, 2015 (Best Feature)
Matsalu Nature Film Festival, Estonia, 2015 (Special Prize of the Jury)
Green Screen, Germany, 2015
Innsbruck Nature Film Festival, Austria, 2015
Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2015
Sondrio International Film Festival on Parks, Italy, 2015 (First Prize)
Ekotopfilm - Envirofilm, Slovakia, 2016 (Natur-Pack Prize)
Terra Festival, Guadeloupe, France, 2016 (First Prize)
Olomouc Science Film Festival, Czech Republic, 2016
Environmental Film Festival in Albania, Albania, 2016
Ecozine International Film Festival, Spain, 2016
Festival du Film Vert, Switzerland, 2016
Krakow Film Festival, Poland, 2016
World of Knowledge, Russia, 2016
Trento Film Festival, Italy, 2016
Ischia Film Festival, Italy, 2016
Ecocup, Russia, 2016
Wildlife Vaasa, 2016
International Science Film Festival "World of Knowledge", Russia, 2016 (Best Camerawork Award)
International Green Culture Festival - GREEN FEST, Serbia, 2016 (Best Nature Film)



Through the story of research in the field, as well as activities that involve and respect the local population, the documentary effectively depicts the importance of a naturalistic subject of which little is known about: the baobab trees in Madagascar. The work shown in this film is a good example of the dissemination of scientific knowledge, as well as of the interaction between humans and environment.
Sondrio International Film Festival on Parks

An inspiring film that deals with a widely unknown subject in a widely unknown place. The music track, diverse in its content, enhances the visual using both traditional and contemporary tracks combined with natural sounds, while conveying also an environmental message to the viewer.
Matsalu Nature Film Festival International

A documentary that shows the baobabs of Madagascar as no other had done before through an adventure that is the fruit of several years of research.
Ankara Rasoanaivo
Midi Madagasikara

Researcher, and bio-geographer, Cyrille Cornu, is a specialist in the organization of unique expeditions to study baobabs of Madagascar. His documentary film calls into question a number of preconceived ideas on the subject.
Bilal Tarabey
Radio France International

This is very beautiful documentary ! I enjoyed it highly and deeply. Cinematographer did great job.
Mladen Vusurovic
Beldocs director

Baobabs between Land and Sea has captivated our audience! Congratulations! The film is remarkable. There is a lot of poetry inside the images. The viewers travel with two scientists who share their passion of baobabs but also their love of Madagascar. The expedition that use local canoe is very respectful of nature and leads to beautiful sequences. The film allows to discover the unique biodiversity of Madagascar but also its people in their daily life.
Martine Sornay
Guadeloupe Terra festival president

Baobabs between Land and Sea by Cyrille Cornu is a splendid film.
Superb work by an amazing and exciting researcher.
Gaelle Borgia
Freelance reporter (AFP, France24)