TULARE The Phantom Lake (2022)
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TULARE The Phantom Lake (2022)

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THE VALLEY AND THE LAKE is a four-part film odyssey focused on water issues, conflicts, and hopes in California’s Central Valley, the breadbasket of the world and also the most human-altered landscape on the planet.

PART ONE: Tales of the San Joaquin River  MORE INFO HERE
PART TWO: Tulare - The Phantom Lake  MORE INFO HERE
PART FOUR: Water Beneath Our Feet  MORE INFO HERE

TULARE The Phantom Lake (2022)
Part Two: What was once the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River disappeared more than100 years ago due to water diversion and land reclamation for agriculture. As we meet a series of people living in and around the old lake bed, Tulare – The Phantom Lake raises sometimes unsettling, unresolved questions about what was gained and what was lost in the process.

Produced and Directed
by Christopher Beaver
65 minutes
2022 | SDH Subtitles

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