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When an Australian garbage collector, Stuart Harris, takes a photo of a tiny colourful spider, he has no idea how it will change his life. An epic three-year quest follows in which Stuart discovers much more than just a spider unknown to science. A remarkable story of determination, self-discovery and the power of citizen science to reveal nature’s most extraordinary and well hidden wonders. Featuring biologist Jurgen Otto.

Directed and Produced by Simon Cunich

Duration: 30 minutes | 2015

Festivals & screenings
DOXA Documentary Film Festival 2016 (Canada)
Stronger Than Fiction Film Festival 2015 (Australia)
Antenna International Documentary Film Festival 2015 (Australia)
Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival 2015 (US)
Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival 2015 (Malaysia)
Australian Museum
State Environment Department regional film tour (Australia)

Audience Award (Stronger Than Fiction Film Festival)
Best Short Documentary (Antenna International Documentary Film Festival)
Canberra Critics' Circle Film Award

"We're so grateful you gave us this compelling docu-mystery. We found its hybrid genre approach to be especially engaging. The development of Stuart Harrison throughout the film, especially in juxtaposition with Jurgen Otto, illustrates the dynamic possibilities of a curious mind. " - Arin Liberman, Programming Manager, True/False Film Fest

"Delightful, inventive and well-crafted." - Andrew Pike, Ronin Films

"The judges all agreed Maratus was a very accomplished piece of filmmaking and storytelling. On one level it first appeared a simple but fascinating story about the discovery of a remarkable new spider, but it developed into a much more profound story of a man who also discovers meaning in his life. The film was microscopic in its subject but universal in its themes." - Judges Panel, Antenna Film Festival