Gambling on Extinction
Gambling on Extinction
Gambling on Extinction
Gambling on Extinction
Gambling on Extinction
Gambling on Extinction
Gambling on Extinction
Gambling on Extinction
Gambling on Extinction
Gambling on Extinction
Gambling on Extinction
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Gambling on Extinction

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GAMBLING ON EXTINCTION is a powerful documentary about greed and a merciless battle over a limited resource: wild elephants and rhinos. There is a war against nature raging in the savannahs and jungles of Africa and Asia. The illegal trade in wildlife is estimated to generate $20 billion per year. Wildlife crime is a highly organized business, luring unscrupulous investors and warlords. It’s the dark side of globalization, with the booming trade threatening not only major ecosystems but the stability of local communities and vulnerable economies. We are facing the greatest mass extinction since the era of the dinosaurs and as numbers go down, the prices go up, making it a perverse futures market in extinction. If poaching continue at the current pace, elephants and rhinos, living in the wild will be extinct in our lifetime. The slaughter is happening now, the deadly spiral towards extinction spinning faster than we can imagine.

“The world has two choices:
We can have elephants or we can have ivory trade. We can’t have both.”
Allan Thornton
Environmental Investigation Agency

Director: Jakob Kneser
Producers: Tristan Chytroschek, Anne Pick
Distributor: Java Films (France)
2014 | 52 minutes | Closed Captioned

A German-Canadian Treaty co-production
between a&o buero and Real to Reel Productions Inc.
© 2015 a&o buero film produktion/Reel Extinction Inc.

Environmental Film Fest Washington USA
Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival
Filmambiente Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Planeta Doc Brasil
Wild & Scenic Film Festival USA
Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival Malaysia
SunChild Armenia
Musuku Film Festival Gabon
World Elephant Day in Kenya
Cape Town Eco Film Festival South Africa
TEFF Tasmanian Eco Film Festival Australia
Germany- NaturVision Ludwigsburg won German Environmental and Sustainability Prize
Darßer Naturfilmfestival won main prize in category „Man and Nature“
Greenscreen Eckernförde - nominated in category GREEN REPORT
Slovakia- Ekotopfilm/ Envirofilm Bratislava, Winner of the Prize of the President of the Festival Committee
Czech Republic- Life Science Film Festival
Ekofilm, Brno, won 2nd place in Environmental Section
Netherlands- WFFR 1. Rotterdam Wildlife Film Festival
Estonia- Matsalu Nature Film Festival Estland - Special Prize of the Jury