Chased By The Light
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Chased By The Light

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This inspiring documentary tells the story of how Jim Brandenburg, one of the world's greatest nature photographers, immersed himself in a Zen-like exploration of his craft and the untamed landscape of the rugged north woods. A National Geographic cover story and book ensued.


Chased by the Light: A Photographic Journey with Jim Brandenburg is an hour long inspiring documentary that tells the story of how one of the world s greatest nature photographers immersed himself in a Zen-like exploration of his craft and the untamed landscape of the rugged north woods.

Undertaken at the pinnacle of his career, it was a project motivated by his desperate need to renew his creativity and reconnect with natural settings that had been the primary sources of his inspiration.

For 90 days Brandenburg took only a single picture each day-one click of the shutter. The stunning images generated unprecedented reader interest as a National Geographic magazine cover story and as the best-selling book of his career.

The documentary is inspiring, the videography is stunning, the music is stirring. All combine as a feast for the senses and the soul.

Special DVD Features include a slide show narrated by Brandenburg with all 94 images and out-takes from his book, Looking for the Summer.

Festival Screenings and Awards
Emmy Awards ? Upper Midwest Region Finalist in the Documentary category

Featured screenings at festivals:
Planet in Focus 2004  Toronto International Film & Video Festival
Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival 2004, Seattle, WA
New York International Independent Film & Video Festival

WorldFest 2004 ? Houston International Film Festival Special Jury Gold Award in Film & Video Production

Videographer Awards 2003
Awards of Excellence, highest award in the categories of Documentary, Videography and Original Music

Telly Awards 2003
Silver Telly Awards, highest award, in the categories of Documentary, Nature/Wildlife and Music

Aurora Awards 2004, Salt Lake City, UT
Gold Awards in the Documentary and Original Music categories

Aegis Awards 2004
Winner of an Aegis Award in the Documentary category

AXIEM Awards 2004
Winner of the AXIEM Best of Show 2004 Award in the Video Medium. The highest total points of all videos entered in the 40 categories of the Video Medium. The AXIEM Awards honor excellence in 8 communication mediums: Internet, Television, Film, Radio, Audio, Video, Animation and Interactive.

Columbus International Film & Video Festival 2004
Bronze Plaque Award - Presented to programs scoring 6 out of 7 points

Producer - John Shepard Directors - Bob Foucault and Steve Kahlenbeck


58 mins