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Walden: a short legacy film

Walden combines delicate and brilliant images filmed on location around Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts with readings by poet, John D. Ogden, bringing to life the heart and soul of Thoreau’s writings.


Walden, a short legacy film, was inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s classic book, Walden:  Or, Life in the Woods. Stunningly filmed by Rick Cardin at the height of New England’s fall foliage season, Walden is one of the first films to capture the magical sense of place that inspired Thoreau.

Through the selection of quotes, images and a soulful score by legendary musicians this film gem suggests the major themes of Thoreau’s work: the reflection of the  universal in the tiniest leaf or pebble, the connectedness of all things, the quest for eternal truths and the search for a way of living in harmony in the world.

Walden is an excellent resource for classroom discussion on a variety of subjects.

Director/producer : Sheila A. Laffey
Co-producer/cinematographer:  Rick Cardin
Associate producer/editor: Douglas S. Clapp
Narrator: John D. Ogden
Composers/musicians: Bruce Langhorne, Gordy Ryan and Al Schackman

© 1981, 2012 re-mastered on DVD

10 minutes (plus 8:25 minute bonus video)
Includes bonus video – Scoring Walden with the film’s composers

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