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VEGUCATED! Follow the 6 week challenge

Vegucated, a new documentary from writer/director Marisa Miller Wolfson, attempts to educate a mainstream audience about the ethical and environmental implications of what’s for dinner.

via www.sparked.com

via www.sparked.comvia www.sparked.com

Compared favorably with Super Size Me, Vegucated follows three meat and cheese lovers for six weeks as they attempt to follow a radically different way of eating…. by going vegan! Along the way the film gently educates both the participants and the audience about the horrors of factory farming; but, they must learn on their own how to balance social obligations surrounding food with their shifting perspectives.

The documentarians rely on people like you and me to screen their film. So, if you’d like to see it on the big screen take a look on their website, getveucated.com, for a community screening near you or to buy a screening license to show to film yourself.

You can also rent it instantly on Amazon, Vudo, Xbox, and Playstation for $2.99 or keep it forever for $14.99. Or if you’d rather have something for your DVD collection or are planning a holiday gift for a budding vegan in your life the DVDs are available for sale on their website.

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