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US Embassy London: The Sea Turtle and the Green Film Series

Willy the  off course sea turtle found in England hitched a free ride on American Airlines accompanied by a BBC film crew earlier this summer. In January 2007, a young “Kemp’s Ridley” sea turtle that began life in the warm waters off the southern United States got very lost.  She swam all the way across the Atlantic and ended up in Devon, nearly dead from hypothermia and starvation. We read about this story on Jock Whittlesey’s interesting Environmental, Science and Technology  blog. Mr Whittlesey is the Environment Counselor for the US Embassy in London.

We also read that the US Embassy in London hosted an environmental film series in April and May of 2009, showing The 11th Hour and Frogs: the Thin Green Line. The Earth Day 2009 screening of The 11th Hour was attended by more than 150 environmental experts, journalists and NGO leaders.

We think of environmental films as the ‘newsreels‘ of today…where people go to film screenings to find out what is really happening in the world today. These investigating documentaries are truly Mother Earth’s reality TV. Because Green Planet Films distributes films on the environment, we have noticed an increasing number of government agencies using films to help educate their employees or residents on environmental issues.

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