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The Next Best West

The Next, Best West explores our changing relationship with the land that sustains us.


It tells the story of how the conventional American concept of progress has steered our exploitation of the Western landscape, and takes you to three places – Colorado’s San Luis Valley, the high plains of eastern Montana and the Elwha River on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula – where a vibrant new understanding of progress presages a better future.

Length (mins): 36
Year Completed: 2012

Produced and Directed by Darren Campbell and Hunter Sykes
Creative Director and Screenplay by Hal Clifford
Edited by Hunter Sykes
Narrated by Traci Svensgaard
Primary Cinematography by Vladimir Van Maule and Darren Campbell

San Juan Ranch:
George Whitten
Julie Sullivan
Amber Reed
Amiee Danch

American Prairie Foundation:
Scott Laird
Allison Fox

Elwha River:
Shawn Cantrell
Robert Elofson
Orville Campbell

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