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The Discovery Channel Odometer Turns for Planet Green

Planet Green will no longer be broadcast.  No revolutions will be televised. Edward Murrow referred to it as ”wires and lights in a box” … this instrument, this TV… will be used for our sheer entertainment as we traipse around America looking for … BBQ?

Planet Green is now Destination America. Programs on this channel  that used to be about organic food..well.. now you can watch Fast Food Mania. Humm, will this new channel rebranding  illuminate us? Inspire us? Educate us?  Will we know we are watching The Discovery Channel, or is it The History Channel, or is it The Travel Channel, or Food Network? Better keep the watermark down in the corner at all times so we can keep track. The rebranding happened May 28, 2012. Planet Green on TV is now in your rear view mirror.

The Planet Green website will still continue, and, if you wish to do your own research about environmental issues, it is recommended you DIY.

And what about green documentaries? They can still be seen in a number of formats. DVD, online, at film festivals. We have our own streaming platform, called Green Planet Stream. … just pulled up to the starting line.

We are sad to see Planet Green on TV go…

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