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Review: Alma

Cattle grazing is the #1 cause contributing to climate change. Watch the film above…. and try a meat alternative. 

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In Alma, filmmaker Patrick Rouxel shows himself to be a skillful alchemist able to transform within an hour acres of Brazilian rainforest into pencils and peacefully grazing cattle into barbeque.

The essential elements for these transformation seems to be lack of dialogue and pointed close ups. Ever wonder how soft a cow’s muzzle is or how many lashes might frame their sweet brown eyes? What about whether animals feel emotions as we do? Have you wondered if they love their offspring or if they get lonely or scared and feel pain as we do? Watch Alma and you’ll have your answers.

Like a maestro at the end of his act, Rouxel reveals the greatest transformation at the end of the film. This time the transformation is in his audience, because if you don’t feel like the child at end of the film filled with wonder at the gentle giant before you, then perhaps you haven’t been watching.

If this transformation is even partially made, then perhaps this activist film will have its intended effect: to pause the insatiable consumption of meat and leather in order to save the Brazilian rainforest.

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