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No Impact Man

Opens in theaters September 4, 2009

Is it possible to live a year making zero impact on the environment?

Is it possible to do this from the 11th story of a New York City apartment? Accomplished author Colin Beavan is determined to find out, and to take his wife and toddler along for the ride. Read more in the blog.

For his next book, Colin proposes that he address global warming head on and become “No Impact Man,” forgoing electricity, cars, even toilet paper in an effort to reduce, in fact annihilate, his impact on the environment. The only catch is that to do this successfully, he needs his wife, Michelle—a self-proclaimed coffee and shopping addict who writes for BusinessWeek—and their 3-year-old daughter to join him in the endeavor. Takeout restaurants are replaced with local farmers markets, subways with bicycles, elevators with staircases, washing machines with soap-filled bathtubs, electric lights with candles, refrigeration with clay pots and garbage cans with compost heaps.

Once the novelty of their new situation wears off, Michelle must adjust herself to living someone else’s dream, all while contending with dreams of her own. If a Starbucks venti, sugar- free, nonfat, vanilla soy, double-shot, decaf, no-foam, extra-hot mocha has too much impact on the environment, what about a second child? On a bumpy road less traveled in modern society, where the destination is not greater industry, efficiency and gadgetry, but rather sustainability and simplicity, NO IMPACT MAN is a delightful, inspiring and unexpectedly moving exploration of contemporary marriage and how one person can change his life, and in doing so possibly change the world.

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