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Life is One: Review

Life is One: The Return to Life in the Wild for Three Sun Bear Cubs

     The heart throbbing documentary Life is One follows three Sun Bears with lives in captivity. With the help of a foster parent (Patrick Rouxel who is actually the creator of the film), these cubs are transitioned back into the wild. The film also explores deforestation in Indonesia and its effects on all kinds of species in the area.

     The film begins by introducing three Sun Bear cubs, each displaying unique personalities. After being taken out of captivity, it is evident that the bears are much happier. Life is One shows footage of the cubs wrestling, playing with each other, racing up trees, and having a great time in the rainforest. This documentary fully immerses viewers into the rainforest, placing the audience in full view of the playing bears, and showing footage of other species in the wild.

     After a few heartbreaking turns, Life is One is left to focus solely on one bear who is becoming more independent each day. The narrator explains how the foster parent began to see this cub a lot less, and this bear would often roam out of range of the tracking device. With no more bears to play with, this Sun Bear becomes friends with a rowdy orangutan, and they are able to do almost everything together.

     Besides showing uplifting videos of happy bears free from captivity, Life is One additionally shows violent scenes of deforestation which trigger empathy for all the animals affected. There is footage of burning trees, chopped trees, and empty land where luscious plants, trees and other organisms used to prosper. This film uses pathos to trigger the audience’s emotions as the film shows what deforestation does to inhabiting animals.

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     Directors Statement: “Since February 2011, I have spent most of my time with sun bears in Indonesia, both reintroducing cubs into the wild and improving the living conditions of captive adult bears. Like most of the Indonesian wildlife, sun bears are threatened by deforestation and hunting, but very little is done for them and their plight receives no attention. My latest film, Life is One, was made to help remedy this.” 

     Life is One accurately sends the message that every organism on Earth shares something in common. From humans to elephants, snakes to birds, every organism lives, and has the right to live free from captivity.

Narrated by animal rights activist and actor Peter Egan  (Downton Abbey).

To learn more about the director’s work with Sun Bears, click here!

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