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About Green Planet Films

Founded in 2003, Green Planet Films is a non-profit organization created to promote environmental education through the artistic power of film.

Our mission is to connect environmental filmmakers dedicated to documenting the relationship of nature and humanity with an evolving global movement seeking greater knowledge about the natural world we inhabit.


It is our hope to support the courageous efforts of filmmakers who wish to inspire and educate through highlighting environmental challenges across every part of the world. Deforestation, water resources, ocean conservation, sustainable fishing, renewable energies, endangered wildlife, and climate change are a selection of environmental issues explored by filmmakers distributed through our organization.

In 2011, Green Planet Films launched our companion site, Green Planet Stream to expand our reach, and attract international viewership. As we continue to evolve in engaging a global audience through online streaming media, our belief in the power of film to generate positive change in the world is the common vision of Green Planet Films and its partners.

Green Planet Films offers 250+ DVDs for purchase.


Green Planet Stream has 80+ streaming videos

You can contact us by email: blog at greenplanetfilms dot org

or phone 415-377-5471  Pacific Time