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The Grammar of Happiness

The Grammar of Happiness

Tweet JANUARY 2017 UPDATE: Daniel Everett’s book DARK MATTER OF THE MIND was published in Nov 2016. His next book How Language Began: the Story of Humanity’s Greatest Invention will be published in August 2017. We are closing in on being able to offer educational distribution for a film about his understanding of the Pirahã  people and […]

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January is National Mentoring Month: DVD recommendation

Tweet Show Me the Way: The Impact Mentors Have on a Young Person’s Life was created to raise awareness about the value of MENTORING — in keeping students in high school and ensuring that they go to college.

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The Ethics of Fracking

Tweet The Ethics of Fracking explores the ethics of the natural gas extraction process known as “fracking”. The film covers the political, spiritual, scientific, medical, and educational points of view of hydraulic fracturing. It also takes a look at the deceiving advertising the gas industry heavily relies on.

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Tweet The long-awaited film by artist and photographer Chris Jordan premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival on Friday Sept 6th 2013.

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The Price of Sand

Tweet THE PRICE OF SAND: silica mines, small towns and money is a documentary about the frac sand mining boom in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Due to a rapid increase in demand, pure silica sand has become a valuable commodity, and mines are opening here at a rapid rate.

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Films about Orcas in Captivity

Tweet There are numerous whale movies in existence, both entertaining (Namu, Big Miracle, Free Willy) and personal (Saving Luna). Currently in theaters is an investigative movie called Blackfish, which shows this absurdity and fallout of capturing and using wild animals for folly.

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The 35th National Media Market

Tweet The National Media Market (NMM) is an annual event where educational film producers and distributors connect with librarians and media professionals.

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A Conversation with Filmmaker Christopher Beaver

Tweet Filmmaker Christopher Baever has a penchant for vanishing lakes and rivers. In this interview by Neila Columbo, he recalls restoration efforts for the San Joaquin River, plus discusses new films Racing To Zero, and Tulare Lake.

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California weighs first statewide ban on lead ammo

Tweet California bill AB 711: Hunting: non-lead ammunition. Motion passed by the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee to Committee on Appropriations. In November, one of the oldest condors in Central California died from lead poisoning after being found with tiny bullet fragments and a .22-caliber slug in his gullet that he apparently swallowed with […]

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Dying Green

Tweet Dying Green is 26 minute film about natural burial and land conservation.

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